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Chanoch Lnaar Program Overview

1. 38 pre-recorded one-hour classes, including classes on sensitive topics
2. Pre-recorded frequently asked questions after each class
3. Ten additional pre-recorded bonus topics
4. Summary of notes on each class
5. Set of MP3 discs containing the recordings of the entire program
6. Access to phoneline with recordings of entire program
7. Access to website with recordings of entire program

Program Fee:

For New Participants:
For new participants, the fee for the Chanoch Lnaar program is $300.

For Past Participants:
For past participants (from 2009 and onward) who wish to repeat the course, there is a reduced rate of $150.

The entire amount must be paid in full upon registration. We accept cash, check, money order, credit card payments with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, and when paying online. Please note that payment for the course guarantees access to the phone line and website for one year only.

Bulk Orders

To benefit from our bulk order discount your child’s school would have to join the Chanoch Lnaar School Initiative Program. If your school is a part of the School Initiative Program, the discounted cost of the package is $250 (normally $400) which now includes weekly live Q&A.

To bring this program to your school please contact, Chaya Rivky at crlevovitz@clparenting.com (224)236-2701. Bulk orders are placed through your school only. Click here for more

Program Details

1. 38 One Hour Pre-recorded Classes
Here are some of the topics covered in the 38 classes:

Nurturing your child’s four worlds
Helping your child master self-control and make high level choices
Morning and Bedtime routines
Practical ways to develop your child’s self-esteem
Setting a positive atmosphere in the home
How to be a responsible authority figure that your children will
Understanding that as parents, we represent the concept of
Hashem to our children through
us parenting them, and how to do
that correctly
Understanding the world of emotions and supporting your child’s emotional experiences
Full discipline program – learn how to discipline effectively
with a kind, yet firm approach
Teaching your child to problem solve and come up with solutions together with you
Understanding the dynamics of the family hierarchy, and how each child's unique position affects him/her
Sibling rivalry - How to prevent resentment between siblings,
and how to deal with the fighting
How to recognize patterns of spoiling and creating an atmosphere of cooperation
Building a foundation of trust with your child, and what to do
when your child is lying and
Presenting tzniyus and kedusha to your children
Protecting your children from abuse
Guiding your children through their teenage years and
preparing them for marriage

2. 10 Additional Pre-recorded Bonus Topics: These bonus topics contain fascinating techniques, information and ideas, in addition to what has been taught in the classes. Some of the messages are related to a specific week’s class, while some stand on their own. The Bonus Topics add approximately 8 hours of information to the Course.

The following subjects are addressed in the Bonus Topics: 

Identifying Special Needs in Children
Night Training Technique for Babies and Children
Toilet Training Program
Technique for Addressing Fears in Children
Preparing Your Child for School
Helping Kids Want to Daven
How to Help Heal a Child with OCD
Help for Mothers Raising an Only Child
Tips for Dealing with the Purim-Pesach Time Period

Sensitive Topics
We are pleased to include three classes on sensitive topics.

They include clear direction on presenting tzniuys and kedushah to your children in a way that will help them appreciate and desire it, instead of feeling obligated and challenged by it.

You will also get clear and practical guidance about how to protect your children from abuse, and what to do if you expect abuse or molestation.

As well, you will also hear practical advice on guiding your children through their years of change as they physically mature.

You will learn how to teach your teenagers about puberty, enabling them to ride the waves of these challenging years calmly, and empowered with correct information.

3. Pre- Recorded Questions and Answers on the Classes :
In addition to the one-hour weekly classes, also included are 20- minute weekly presentations based on each class. During these presentations, Dina answers many common questions that have come in from past year’s participants. She also adds additional information further explaining how to implement techniques and understand the ideas taught in that week’s class. These presentations greatly enhance the classes. At the same time, it is very supportive for the mothers and helps them realize that they are not the only ones with these questions.

4. Summary of notes on each class:
The course includes a beautiful handbook containing a summary of notes on each class with diagrams, as well as instructions for the course.

5. Set of MP3 discs containing the recordings of the entire program:
The course includes a set of MP3 discs containing all the recordings, on which each class is clearly labeled. If one prefers, it is possible to follow the whole course using these discs, as each class and title comes up on the MP3 player or computer. MP3 discs can also be played in an MP3 enabled CD player. Alternatively, the classes can be downloaded from a computer onto an iPod or MP3 player.

6. Access to Phoneline with recordings of entire program:
Access to a phone line on which to hear the recordings of the entire program over the phone, with features for your listening convenience.

7. Access to Website with recordings of entire program:
Our program is set up on member-only password protected pages on our site. The recordings are organized for your convenience. Each recording is on a separately labeled audio bar.

IMPORTANT – The course fee guarantees access to the phone line and website for one year only. After that, there is no guarantee for continued access.
Also, it is our firm policy that the course fee is for the participant and their spouse only. All recordings and printed material are copyrighted and may not be shared with other non-participants. We thank you for respecting our policies making it possible for us to continue our work!

Once registered, the participant has easy access to all 38 classes, all weekly answers to FAQ’s and the 10 Bonus Topics by phone, MP3, or online on our website. This year’s program package is essentially a self-study course with the option of following the program at your own pace. However, in order to maximize your learning experience, we strongly recommend adhering to the following guidelines:

The classes should be listened to one at a time—listening to one class a week, along with that week’s Answers to FAQ’s, and Bonus Topic, when applicable. Additionally, it is very beneficial to pair up with a friend who is taking the course so that you can together review the material you are learning. We also recommend that participants follow along with their book.

Although there is no official forum in which to ask your questions as you learn the new material, the Answers to FAQ’s were designed to answer commonly asked questions, and in the past, many participants found that their questions fell away as they heard more information.

How To Register:
Registration can be done by phone, mail, or right here online.

Phone: Call Leah Miriam Gottesman
You will need to give your name, address, phone number, and credit card information. We will then mail you the Program Package.

Mail: Mail your check or money order to Leah Miriam at the following addresses.

Leah Miriam Gottesman
9 Maplewood Terrace
Lakewood, NJ 08701

You will need to include your name address phone number. Once we receive your registration, we will mail you the program package.

Online: Click on the “Register Now” tab on top of this screen. Then you may fill out your information and pay online with your credit card. Once we receive your order, we will send you an email confirmation, and mail out your program package.

We look forward to having you join us as you experience an amazing parenting journey of growth and inspiration as you’ve never had before! It is our honor and pleasure to serve you.

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