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I was born in Melbourne, Australia, as was my husband; we moved to Israel after we married. I had my own parenting dreams of creating a perfect home. However, it didn’t quite work out that way, because kids have their own ideas that don’t always match their parents’ dreams! Since giving my family the best that I could was my highest value, I decided to learn whatever I could. When I heard about a four year parent mentoring course being given at a local women’s college, I thought to myself, “What could be better? I’ll train to be a parenting counselor-then I’ll certainly be an effective parent!”

That course was just the beginning of what quickly became a full-time passion. I continued training and learning constantly. Any course, book, or speaker related to parenting, self-development, spirituality-I was there. At the same time, I was traveling my own personal journey of self-growth and development. And to tell the truth, no matter how many courses I took, although I’ve met and learned from some of the best professionals and therapists, nothing matched up to the greatest university of all: Life itself.

My personal experiences with trauma and loss made my own life a journey of recovery from pain to power. I learned that pain can be used to either transform your life or ruin your life. Some of the greatest gifts I received from my personal experiences are sensitivity, compassion, connection and healing, as well as the ability to lead others down that path too-because I’ve been there.

I began giving parenting classes to small groups of women, once a week in private homes. At first, my goal was to amplify the voices of children, who don’t have the self-awareness and ability to articulate what they are feeling in the face of authority figures. Over the years, as I myself learned and developed, my goal expanded and grew.

By now, I feel that I’m here to facilitate transformation-to bring mothers to a higher place of transcendence; to bring their inner grandeur to light. Naturally, throughout the course I offer practical, step-by-step parenting advice; but for me, parenting is so much deeper than that. All of the ‘technicalities’ of child rearing serve as the potential for transformation, for depth, and for growth.

So many mothers today want to do their best, but either don’t know how to, or don’t feel capable. My goal is to empower mothers to connect to their own inner strength and knowing. When working with my participants, I get the privilege to glimpse into the deepest, most real aspects of living challenges. I have the utmost respect for the mothers I work with from every walk of life. I’ve learned that our places of challenge are not stumbling blocks or embarrassments-they are holy ground, the places where we are put to grow at our deepest, and our best.

Our classes have the broadest range of mothers, from Chassidish to unaffiliated and everything in between. What draws them? Reality and truth-since the soul knows what’s true and will feel if something true is being expressed. I love people, I love their stories, I love what’s real. I strive to be a real person myself, and that’s central to how I present my information.

I myself am blessed to still be busy raising my own children. And yes, my children still challenge me; I also have to grow and adapt, like everyone else. Because that’s what this journey is truly about-growth and transcendence, for every one of us.

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