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About Chanoch Lnaar

It started as just a small parenting class.  There were only ten mothers around that first dining room table, but the electricity in the atmosphere was powerful enough to change the world. 

It was the beginning of Chanoch Lnaar.

As a young mother, Dina Friedman dreamed of learning everything there was to know about parenting her own children.  For years, she read book after book, attended course after course, and even sought out private training.  She tried and tested, researched and experimented, until finally, a magnificent picture began to emerge: Chanoch Lnaar.

What is Chanoch Lnaar?  It’s not just a class; it’s an experience, an exploration, a magical journey into the hearts of our children—and ourselves as mothers.  Chanoch Lnaar is one-of-a-kind program that offers a totally unique blend of practical techniques and skills, spiritual outlook and educational theories, empowerment and self-awareness, all in a crystal-clear presentation. 

Chanoch Lnaar does more than train children—it nurtures mothers to become the very best people that they can be.  Chanoch Lnaar touches the heart and soul of parenting, changing our lives and our homes forever.  Most of all, Chanoch Lnaar gives hope—even for the most difficult child, and the most complex relationship.

The women raved about the experience.  More and more mothers signed up for the weekly classes.  They hung on every word, spoke about the classes all week, clamored for more.  The news rapidly crossed the ocean over transatlantic wires, as sisters, cousins and friends spoke about the program that had revolutionized their parenting.  They’d discovered a priceless treasure—and they desperately wanted other mothers to be able to discover it, too.

 Although deluged with requests for long distance courses, Dina was hesitant.  How could phone contact compare to personal, face to face classes?  But the mothers were begging—and so she agreed, assuming that not more than twenty to thirty ladies would join.

 That first year, nearly 100 mothers signed up for the teleconferencing program.  After that, the classes took on a life of their own.  Friends told friends, and the phones rang off the hook every registration season.

By now, Chanoch Lnaar has changed the lives of nearly 5,000 women around the world.  In America, Israel, England, Australia, Canada and Europe, mothers have embraced this treasure for themselves, and for their children.  Chanoch Lnaar’s unique electricity is indeed changing the world—one family at a time.

Now it’s your turn.  Join Chanoch Lnaar today

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